The 6th JDF Darts Comp & We Hit A New Milestone!

6th JDF Trophy Darts Comp

November the 28th 2019 at Bitterne Park Social Club saw the 6th installment of the Jack Dowding Darts Trophy; a popular and now familiar competition on the local darting calendar across the Solent.

Whilst entries were, in fact, a little down on the last event, the spirit, competition, and standard were very much as high!

The agenda for the evening went with the usual raffle, a superb auction again and the more recent edition of Loz’s 9 Dart Challenge!

It should be noted that this little event attracted quite a bit of interest. For £1 you got to throw 3 sets of darts ranging from 8g to 45g and had to score the highest you can with all 9.

This was a fantastic game and great fun as it certainly leveled up all the players – trying to throw accurately a set of 8g darts then switching to 45g on your next throw is pretty tricky!

This little side comp raised over £160 alone!

Some scoring that with those darts!

Once all the players were entered for the main competition Angela started the raffle. A rather nice raffle it was too – plenty of good booze on offer (always welcome with dart players it seems?!) so many of the players and spectators went home happy.

Thanks to everyone who donated a prize or two – and of course thanks to everyone who had a go!

everyone loves a raffle
Everyone loves a raffle

Once the raffle had started and a few of the prizes were claimed it was time to start the main competition.

The players at Bitterne Park always play with high respect for each other and this competition was no different.

Whilst this event has more important issues than winning and darts, it is always played that way. Which is great!

Jack was a massive darts fan as we all know so for his competition to be played with such a competitive spirit is brilliant. Just the way a darts competition should be played.

Game on!

The early rounds saw some cracking games with all players doing their part.

The standard was very high with players of all levels taking legs and games off each other. The one great thing about the Bitterne Park SDS darts scene is the diversity of players.

There are men, women, and youths from all levels. Bedroom players, pub players, super league players, county players, challenge tour players and full pro PDC players.

The best part is, if it’s your day, everyone is beatable.

The famous auction

Halfway through the main competition, there was the famous auction break – quite a money raiser on its own in past events.

This one was no different, some great darts memorabilia was on offer here including arguably the pick of the night a full 2020 season pass for the SDS events upcoming.

If you were to pay for this all season it would set you back around £300 so thank you to Stefan for putting this up.

Dan Davis was the worthy winner of this auction and somebody who will certainly get the full value of this prize. A dedicated player who shows up each and every week!

Another shoutout here to Karen Cousins who Loz gave his Special Achievement award to. A lady who gives up her time to help with the running of these events each week. Very much appreciated by all.

As more and more players left the competition in the second half of the evening the final was edging closer.

The semi-finals saw Luke Getty pitch up against Richard North and in the other semi Steve Perren went up against Scott Walters.

Both great semi-finals but Richard North and Scott Walters were victorious so the stage was set for a final!

Now, as we all know from any SDS event no final is complete without the sultry voice from the north of the border, Frank Innes.

So the camera was ready.

The mic was ready.

The tripod was ready.

We were LIVE on Facebook.

Frank was ready.

Frank “Cigarettes and Alcohol” Innes

As always with every event, the final did not disappoint. The players would not be separated in the first four legs but it was Richard North who came out on top as the eventual winner, surpassing Scott Walters in a cracking game of darts 4-2.

Both players didn’t disappoint. Like I say the standard at these events is always top draw.

A rerun of the final can be seen here.

Be sure to follow the SDS Darts page here for updates on local darts events.

Congratulations to the winners and to all players, organisers, pint pullers, 1st round losers, and spectators! You all played your part in a fantastic evening.

2019 Winter Winner Richard North

A massive shoutout again to everyone who came along, even though it was close to Xmas and just short of payday the money raised on the night was a cracking £1300!

This has taken the total raised by just darts events at Bitterne Park to over £10,000

This is a huge milestone and hopefully we can continue and push on to the next ten thousand. Every penny raised goes towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.

It should also be pointed out that the total raised altogether by every event now is just shy of £20,000.

Incredible. Give yourselves a pat on the back.

Tribute Dugouts Unveiled at Jack’s College In Special Memorial Day

April 25th saw an event at the Taunton College sports ground in Hill Lane. The event was a memorial football match between staff, students and other friends.

At the occasion Saints defender Sam McQueen gratefully helped alongside Jack’s immediate family the unveiling of new dugouts for the pitches. On the dugouts are Jack’s logo and website. They really do look great.

A really nice gesture and fitting tribute to Jack who as we all know was a mad Saints fan!

This tribute is another showing of just how well Jack was loved by many in and around his community.

Photo Stuart Martin – unveiling of new football dugouts at Richard Taunton College in memory of former studentl Jack Dowding.

Photo Stuart Martin – unveiling of new football dugouts at Richard Taunton College in memory of former student Jack Dowding. Jack’s father Laurence Dowding (right) and Jack’s grand parents Bryan and Suzanne Dowding cut the ribbon to one of the dugouts

Photo Stuart Martin – unveiling of new football dugouts at Richard Taunton College in memory of former student Jack Dowding. Jack’s father Laurence Dowding (right) and Jack’s grand parents Bryan and Suzanne Dowding cut the ribbon to one of the dugouts

Photo Stuart Martin – unveiling of new football dugouts at Richard Taunton College in memory of former studentl Jack Dowding. Jack’s mum Maz Dowding and Grace Jay cut the ribbon to the other dugout

Photo Stuart Martin – unveiling of new football dugouts at Richard Taunton College in memory of former studentl Jack Dowding. Jack’s father Laurence and mum Maz and Richard Taunton College principal Alice Wrighton pictured with the footballers who took part memorial match

Jack’s family would like to thank all who played their part in the event.

The total raised after this event plus the others throughout the year has now surpassed the new target of £12,000 – we currently sit at £12,170

All proceeds going to the JDRF.


Maz & Clan Raise Incredible Amount Over The Year!

compass fostering

Maz Dowding – Jack’s Mum has been putting on several fund raising events at her work over at Compass Fostering this past year. And what an incredible job you have been doing!

compass fostering raises money for JDRF

A combination of cake sales, raffles and a make shift nail salon event have brought in an incredible £1662.48

But that is not all. A colleague of Maz’s also ran a charity race for the JDRF too contributing another £400 to the pot.

Maz, Jack’s family and everyone at the JDRF would like to express their massive thanks for all the generosity and support.

compass fostering

These two contributions take the overall total now to £11760



Jack’s Nan To Run 10K For Charity – This Is Quite Something!!

jacks nan to run 10K

This is truly inspirational. Jack’s Nan, Nita Parker is running the Great South Run on 22nd October and all donations will be for JDRF.

You can sponsor her via the button at the bottom of this page.

100% of all proceeds will go straight to JDRF going towards more groundbreaking research.

jack and his nan nita

Running 10K is not something that people can just do overnight. This has taken lots of training and effort to get to this stage. Something will should all applaud.

Nita has been running three times per week.

She says she has only managed 10K twice before but hopes to make that right before the main event on 22nd October!

Currently Nita is taking part in the event on her own but would love to know if there are any like-minded people of similar age who would like to join her??

Nita and the JDRF would welcome any donations – no matter how small.

Go Nita!!


Sean Dowding Gets Tough And Muddy For The JDRF!

sean dowding tough mudder

Massive well done and thanks to Sean Dowding who competed in one of the Tough Mudder events a while ago.

He and 3 friends entered the event as a personal challenge to themselves and all raised funds for their chosen charities.

Sean, a relative of Jack chose to do his raising money and awareness for the JDRF.

Here is a shot of the fellas looking rather clean before the event. Great to see Sean with the JDF logo on his shirt.

tough mudder before

The event went really well and everyone completed it.

Hats off to Sean and his mates for competing and raising some funds for their causes.


Sean says: ” It was a really well organised event, and despite pulling a muscle in my back, being extremely wet and muddy (as you’d expect!) and shocked by a few thousand volts before crossing the finish line, it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience! Plus I raised some money and awareness for JDRF, which was the main objective :-)”



Sean managed to raise an amazing £155 for the charity and would have also spread some much needed awareness. We love the logo you had blown up on the shirt too Sean!

Sean’s Tough Mudder link is still up should anyone wish to pop a donation in. No matter how small.

You can find his link here! >> SEAN DOWDING TOUGH MUDDER

Well done again to Sean and his friends for competing in the event!

Sean has already signed up to run again next year!